Computer Vision, Deep Learning

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Denoising an image is a classical problem that researchers are trying to solve for decades. In earlier times, researchers used filters to reduce the noise in the images. They used to work fairly well for images with a reasonable level of noise. However, applying those filters would add a blur to the image. And if the image is too noisy, then the resultant image would be so blurry that most of the critical details in the image are lost.

There has to be a better way to solve this problem. As a result, I have implemented several deep learning architectures…

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” ― Simon Sinek

Have you ever tried selling your old smartphone, but cannot figure out what would be a fair price to sell it? What if you undervalued it and you are at loss? Or what if you set the price so high that nobody’s ready to buy it?

Product price suggestion is a problem that many retailers are trying to solve, especially with the advent of online selling platforms where there are a plethora of products that can be sold very easily.

Chintan Dave

Keen in Machine Learning | Gold Medalist in Masters in Computer Applications | Working @ Tata Consultancy Services

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